About Exquisite Finishes Inc.

About Our Company

Our Team is Safety Trained. We are Experienced (20+ Years), Skilled, Competent, Reputable, Insured, and Fully Licensed.
Every job is performed with pride because we want to ensure that you will refer our services to your business associates and friends.

This dedication is why our customers continue to come back, refer us to their associates and friends, and how we have assured the continued growth and success of Exquisite Finishes Power Washing!

What Sets Us Apart

Are You Aware of the True Cost of Hiring the Wrong Power Washing Contractor?

You want to be assured that the contractor has the specialized knowledge and professional experience necessary to provide you with superior results and the work is performed using safe methods that will not damage your surfaces.

There are many individuals who advertise this service who simply do not have the credentials or reputation to serve your business. Many may not be properly insured, thereby exposing your company to potential liability. For example, YOU could be liable if their worker is injured on your site, or if they damage property. The bargain price offered by these unqualified companies is typically offset by the additional cost to you for damage control; when you are forced to make expensive repairs as a result of their incompetence.

Example 1: If the high pressure washing applied to your surfaces is too great, or applied with the incorrect technique, you may be subjected to damages and subsequent, costly repairs.

Example 2: Inexperience can result in water pressure forced into normally sealed areas causing rot, broken seals, damaged window screens & wood trim, and other molding damage.
Experience and a Solid Reputation are essential for your protection!