Graffiti Removal

Professional Graffiti Removal

All over the great NorthEast graffiti is an epidemic. Unfortunately the youth of today seem to lack the respect for property that was once the norm. The good news? Exquisite Finishes has the ability to remove unsightly graffiti and bring your buildings, walls and any vandalized surface back to its clean and professional look.

Time is an important factor in graffiti removal

Act fast when you find your structure vandalized with graffiti. Some small towns might offer free graffiti clean up but the downside often found when utilizing your municipality is the time they may take to get to you. The longer graffiti has to sink into the surface the harder it becomes to remove and occasionally, it might leave a mark with even the best removal techniques.

Hire a professional graffiti remover

Be extra careful when searching for a company to remove graffiti as less experienced companies can sometimes damage the surface by using a power washing machine with the pressure set too high. Also, some even less experienced companies may use the wrong chemical on the wrong surface. Exquisite Finishes has been removing graffiti in the greater NorthEast for over a decade and we have the knowledge and equipment to safely and effectively remove graffiti.