Parking Garage Cleaning

Parking Garage Power Washing Rhode Island

Our team is highly trained and has years of experience cleaning parking garage facilities. With the know-how and best tools in the industry we highly efficient and always leave our customers satisfied.

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Best Equipment for Parking Garage Facility Cleaning / Power Washing

Due to the enormous surface area, a pressure washing wand, alone, is not enough. Our HoverWash Flat Surface Cleaning System allows us to wash an area 60-80 percent faster. Superior flushing of surfaces with a front water broom attachment aids in quick cleaning. Don’t forget about those stairwells, too!

The HoverWash is Environmentally Friendly Cleaning System! Waste water is vacuumed back up as it cleans, preventing wastewater discharge from leaving your facility. Let us help keep your business within EPA Compliance Guidelines.

The HoverWash flat surface cleaner delivers a depth of cleaning unmatched by traditional wand cleaning methods. You are left with an evenly cleaned surface, free of any unsightly “stripes”.

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Wash Water Recovery

We specialize in wash water recovery which allows us to safely recover as much chemicals and wash water as possible during the power washing process.

Environmentally Friendly

We strive to make certain every power washing service we offer is safe for the environment in every way possible.

Regular Maintenance for your Parking Garage Facility

We highly recommend that if you have a parking garage with high traffic you have it professional cleaned / power washed at least once a year in order to maintain the quality of the surfaces. We offer regular maintenance packages that include cleaning different levels of your parking garage on a regular basis. Take advantage of these packages and save more compared to our one-time fees.

Removal of Stains in Parking Garages

Removing surface stains can be difficult and less experienced companies may even damage the surface when attempting to remove stains. Not all stains may come out completely but our team is highly trained and will safely remove the stain as much as possible and in most cases, fully. In other cases we may lighten the stain but our team will never damage the surface.

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