Storefront & Sidewalk Power Washing / Flatwork

Concrete Pressure/Power Washing

Our concrete pressure washing techniques will bring your dirty concrete driveway back to life. Mold, mildew, dirt and grime are no competition for our professional concrete cleaning systems. Patios and concrete pool decks are no exception. There is nothing like the feeling of walking out onto your freshly cleaned patio and enjoying your space the way it was meant to be.

Commercial Concrete Cleaning

Commercial Concrete Cleaning

Concrete Sidewalk Cleaning & Power/Pressure Washing

Sidewalk power washing is one of our favorite services to perform. The reason? Those amazing before and after photos! Sidewalks are often the most trafficked and filth accumulating areas of your property. With our surface cleaner we make quick work of bringing your sidewalk back to life!

Driveway Oil and Rust Stain Removal

Oil and rust stains on concrete can be a major eye sore on your driveway and a good amount of power washing companies will tell you they cannot remove these stains. Exquisite Finishes Inc. believes that most stains can either be completely removed or lightened to a point they are hardly visible. We utilize the best available tools and surface safe chemicals available to fight and remove even the toughest of oil and rust stains.